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How to Understand Toddlers!

More than 100 years ago Dr. Maria Montessori described “the absorbent mind” of children during their first three years of life as the most critical period in each child’s brain development. Recent research reveals that babies have an innate moral …
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When NOT to Help Your Child!


When NOT to Help Your Child Your child is capable of doing so many things for himself. Of course, as a parent, you want to help your child when he is struggling or frustrated. But for your child’s development, confidence, …
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How to Avoid the Assessment Trap!


Young children are excited to pick out a new backpack or pair of shoes in anticipation of the new school-year.  They are full of hope – that their teachers will be nice, that they will have lots of friends, that …
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How to Help Allay First Day Jitters!


By Bettina Tioseco With September fast approaching, many families are getting ready to send their children to school for the first time. Along with the pride and excitement parents feel during the lead up to this milestone, many are concerned …
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Beth Ann Less (Class of 2009)

A junior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan, Beth Ann was encouraged to pursue topics that interested her throughout her 13 years at West Side Montessori.

Christian Tylinski (Class of 2008)

Currently a senior in architecture at the University of Cincinnati, Christian's middle school internship experience while WSM set him on an amazing career path.

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