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Gratitude in the Montessori Classroom!


Exercises of Practical Life are one of the five areas of the Montessori prepared environment. These exercises resemble simple work in life and in the home, such as housekeeping, to include dusting, sweeping, and washing dishes. The purpose of these …
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Empathy and Friendship in the Montessori Environment!


Recent studies show that today’s college students lack empathy. Empathy, or the ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes, to share in their feelings, to feel for them or with them, and to see and value what another person …
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Spotlight Post: Andrew Sautter


Andrew is passionate about Montessori and loves how Montessori allows children to learn in a way that does not feel intimidating. Not just academics, but life skills as well.  Check out his spotlight post to learn more. Q: Can you tell …
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The Montessori Classroom vs. the Conventional Classroom.


When many people picture an early childhood education classroom, they imagine brightly colored and variously themed displays in every available space in the room. These pin-worthy decorations are meant to capture the attention of kids in the classroom and hopefully …
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Beth Ann Less (Class of 2009)

A junior studying mechanical engineering at the University of Michigan, Beth Ann was encouraged to pursue topics that interested her throughout her 13 years at West Side Montessori.

Christian Tylinski (Class of 2008)

Currently a senior in architecture at the University of Cincinnati, Christian's middle school internship experience while WSM set him on an amazing career path.

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