Keystone Campaign

Lynn Fisher, Founder and Head of School“Miracles happen every day in the classrooms at West Side Montessori as children discover and learn from our incredible teachers. Now we have the opportunity to shape each child’s future in even more positive ways with the launch of the Keystone Campaign. The long-awaited gymnasium will vibrate with activity from sports to the arts and community celebrations. Added classrooms will provide more personalized learning by reducing class sizes. Teaching and learning teams will be united. New healthy lunch options can be initiated. And young children will have their own physical space for active learning.

 “Each generation has answered the call to leave West Side Montessori better than they found it and this project will do just that. Our school community needs to pull together to raise the $2.1 million to complete the project. We have more than $1.7 million already pledged, a terrific start. Let’s all celebrate our 40th birthday with a personal pledge that will enable us to meet the goal and begin construction!”

Lynn Fisher
West Side Montessori
Founder and Head of School

Missing Pieces

  • Building a gym/Multipurpose community space for sports, physical education, the arts, extracurriculars, and community gatherings. 
  • Creating a Children’s House Gross Motor room, space to run and tumble all year long.
  • Crafting a World Language space for shared cultural opportunities.
  • Enlarging our commercial kitchen for lunch program options.
  • Relocating classrooms for cohesiveness, collaboration, and space for growth.
  • Constructing a new Upper Elementary classroom to meet growing demand.

3D Model Proposed Floor Plan
3D Model Proposed Floor Plan