Scrip – What is It?

Scrip is a term that means "substitute money.”  When a family purchases scrip, they are purchasing gift certificates that are used just like cash. National and local merchants issue the scrip (identical in form to their gift certificates) where many families already shop. These merchants want to support not-for-profit organizations and, in return, ask you to support them by pre-paying for these gift certificates which allow you to shop at their stores. Families can use these gift certificates to purchase everyday expenses like food, gas, clothing and other essentials. With every purchase, families are earning “Free Money" -- money for family spending, which is going to be spent anyway, just done a little differently.

How does it work?

Very simply, NOSA buys the scrip from merchants at a discount and sells them to West Side Montessori at a discount. West Side families purchase the scrip at full price and the difference gets applied to your child’s tuition. So for example, Merchant X agrees to a sell their gift cards at a 4% discount so if a family buys $100 Merchant X’s scrip they will receive a $100 gift card to use for purchases at Merchant X and $4 will be applied toward their student’s tuition. (Note: An annual fee of $20 is deducted from profits but you will never have to pay an upfront fee.)

The link for ordering scrip is

How do I order scrip?

All orders should be placed using the online system. All you need to place an order is a username and password and the directions below. To get a username and password please email the following information to Aaron Kreinbrink at YWtyZWluYnJpbmtAbXNuLmNvbQ==.

• Last name

• Parent(s) first name(s)

• School where you wish to pick up scrip (Toledo or Perrysburg)

• Email address

• Phone number

• Name on the account to be credited (e.g., student’s last name)

You can now order scrip at any time from any computer connected to the Internet by following the directions below. Orders are processed weekly on Mondays, so order by Sunday at midnight to make sure your order is submitted the next day. If you have any questions contact Aaron Kreinbrink at YWtyZWluYnJpbmtAbXNuLmNvbQ==.

To order scrip:

1. Go to to login and enter your username (under login) and password.
2. You will see the option to click to enter a new order. Click on this option.
3. Enter your scrip order in the form that pops up. You can rest your cursor over a vendor name to get information on that vendor’s scrip—a window will pop-up with a description and will disappear in a few moments; however, if you click on a vendor name the pop-up window will open permanently and you will need to close your order form in order to close the pop-up window.
4. When you are done entering your order, scroll to the bottom of the order form and click on submit. Make sure to note the total due for your order.
5. Make a check out to West Side Montessori (with “scrip” in the memo line) for your total and make sure to bring this with you when you pick up your order.
6. A scrip coordinator will review all orders on Mondays and will submit all West Side orders together. If you have problems/questions about your order please make sure that Aaron Kreinbrink knows about it before Monday at 8 am.
7. You may pick up your orders Thursday after 8 am.

Rules to note about payments:

We cannot accept cash or credit cards. You must bring a check with the exact amount of your order. Scrip accounts are kept separately so if you need to pay for other charges (e.g., milk money, childcare) plan to write a separate check for scrip.

You must pay in full when picking up your scrip. This is true even if you have purchased an item on backorder. You will still need to pay the full amount and the backordered item will be delivered as soon as it is received (usually the next week).

If you do not pick up an order and pay for it within two weeks, the scrip will be redistributed/returned and you will be charged a restocking fee ranging from $20 to the full amount of your order. This fee will appear on a West Side Statement mailed to your home.

New orders will not be submitted until you have picked up all previous orders.

No orders will be submitted for families who have failed to pay for a previous order.

If your check is returned for insufficient funds it will be resubmitted and you will be assessed a $30 charge. If the check is returned twice you will need to bring a cashier’s check for the amount of the order and the $30 fee.

To view past orders:

  • Go to to login and enter your username (under login) and password.
  • You will see the option to click to enter a new order. Click on this option as if you were going to enter a new order.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the order form. In the box with your personal information you will see a place to click to view your order history.
  • A window will open with a box listing the dates of your past orders. Click on a date to view the order.
  • You can click on the X to close this window or you may click on the option to go back to view another order or to keep going back to the order page to submit a new order.

Any questions?

Contact Aaron Kreinbrink at YWtyZWluYnJpbmtAbXNuLmNvbQ==.